Students give vegan cuisine a taste test

Sarah McGrath

Students took a break from the burger-and-fries routine yesterday to sample something a little more foreign — vegan food.

Held throughout the day in both the Student Center and Eastway, Dining Services sponsored a taste testing for students to try typically unfamiliar cuisine and raise awareness of its availability on campus.

Brett Wilhelm, senior international relations major, said the food, which often has a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern flavor, is a nice change of pace.

“This is a good opportunity to try other food not normally on campus,” said Wilhelm, who has been vegan for the past three years. “It’s something new.”

Adam Frank, a junior computer science major who is not a vegan and who had never tried vegan food, said he enjoyed what he tasted.

“I like how it’s spicy,” Frank said.

Junior anthropology major Beth Lomske said she also enjoyed the event.

“The flavors are really appealing,” she said. “I really enjoy humus, and the tomato-basil humus is some of the best I have ever had.”

Rick Kollin, general manager for Oasis Natural Food, said taste testing is the best way for people to try the food. Oasis, an Akron based company, prepares the vegan food that is currently sold on campus.

“This is what great nutrition should taste like,” said Pam Pribanick, natural foods coordinator for Walker Food Group, which distributes the Oasis food products on campus. “It helps people feel better.”

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