Best of Kent: Pizza

Peter Finley, co-owner of Lucci’s Place, holds a pizza that is ready for the oven. Lucci’s Place was named #1 for the fourth year in a row for Best of Kent. 

Sara Crawford Assigning Editor

1st Place: Lucci’s 

Lucci’s Place has become a Kent State favorite for four years in a row, with the close proximity to campus and the option to get one slice of pizza, students can take a quick stop into Lucci’s for some New York Style pizza. 

“For all the kids from New York and New Jersey, this pizza is familiar to them,” said Peter Finley, co-owner of Lucci’s Place.  

The thin and chewy crust makes for the perfect foldable pizza, with each slice being bigger than your plate. 

Lucci’s has hot and ready pizza ready at all times, both pepperoni and cheese, for customers to come in and get a quick bite to eat. 

They also offer over two dozen options of toppings, ranging from the classics of pepperoni and sausage to different veggies like broccoli, artichoke hearts and two different kinds of olives. 

Lucci’s has become a fan favorite, whether it is for students from the New York area looking for a taste of home or for college students looking for a quick bite to eat on the way to campus. 

2nd Place: Belleria

Looking for a good Italian restaurant to take your friends and family? You won’t have to go far for Belleria, located in Acorn Alley. On top of the delicious pasta menu, Belleria offers pizza and calzones just as good and just as fresh. 

“It’s the high quality ingredients that we use and the fresh dough,” said Tom Gavozzi, owner of Belleria Kent. 

The high quality ingredients and the homemade sauce and dough makes the taste of Belleria, uniquely Belleria. 

While you can customize your own pizza, Belleria offers speciality pizza fit for anyone who may be interested in trying something new.

3rd Place: Guys Pizza

Located in the heart of South Water Street, Guys Pizza has become a hotspot for college students looking for a quick bite to eat. 

Open late into the night, college students can go during the day to get a quick lunch, or late at night as they are heading home from the bars. 

Not only do they have pizza hot and ready, but they offer a range of speciality pizzas, bound to catch the interest of any customer at Guys Pizza. 

The pizza itself has a unique taste to it compared to other pizza places in Kent. “It’s sweeter, it’s doughier, it’s more fun,” said Alex Diflippo, manager at Guys Pizza. 

Sara Crawford is an assigning editor. Contact her at [email protected]