Rematch between CCCP and 100% comes down to penalty kicks

On Monday, the leaders of men’s intramural soccer division M1, 100% and CCCP, met for a rematch.

100%, which is undefeated, is led by Jovan Thompson. They won the first leg of the match-up and were looking to continue their streak, and sure enough, Thompson scored the opening goal and minutes later, he scored the second to put CCCP behind by two points.

However, as the game progressed, CCCP began to calm down and take control of the situation. Soon after two brilliant strikes from Yuri Maziev and Andrew Duz, the teams were leveled at two each.

They took that score to halftime. After the break, things did not calm down for either of the teams. Soon, CCCP took the lead after Maziev fired a shot that flew right past the goalie of 100%.

But 100% was nowhere near done and soon scored the equalizer. The goal tag did not stop there, and minutes later, both teams scored another goal, bringing the game score to 4-4.

Both teams had many opportunities to break the deadlock, but thanks to defense and some luck for both teams, the score stayed tied and the game went into overtime.

If any players on either team were tired, they did not show it during overtime. Fast breaks and brilliant runs continued from both sides, but in the end, defense had the upper hand for both teams.

And so the outcome was decided by penalty shots during which the captain of CCCP, Andriy Shyshkov, and Maziev executed precise penalty shots to give the needed points to their team, and on the other side, two shots from 100% were saved brilliantly by Oleg Pishnyak from CCCP.

– Andriy Shyshkov, CCCP captain