Grease stains overall taste of Fat Billy’s

Jenna Gerling

Amid the slew of pizza joints scattered throughout Kent, there is much to be decided about the types, flavors and toppings to make a good pizza. No matter what style – thin, thick or stuffed crust; New York, Sicilian or Chicago style – everyone has his or her preferences.

However, ordering a small pizza at Fat Billy’s should not be taken lightly. Sure, there are six pieces, but underneath the toppings, cheese and sauce lays the thinnest regular crust ever; so much that supporting it with a thumb is the best bet while eating. The cheese layer may have been thicker than the crust layer.

Fat Billy’s

Where: 114 West Erie St.

Phone Number: (330) 678-1000

Stater Rating (out of five): ??

The sauce, on the other hand, brings the pizza’s ratings up a few notches. It didn’t seem like it came out of a can or a dreadful plastic pouch; it seemed to have been prepared with a little extra thought. It has a sweet basil flavor that doesn’t overpower the pizza – unlike Domino’s sauce, which seems to have a pasty texture at times.

The cheese added a nice texture as well – just stringy and chewy enough that it wouldn’t let all the toppings slide off the slice when pulled out of the box.

Here is the pizza’s downfall: slippery, orange, oozing grease. It is everywhere – on the pizza’s surface and underneath it, leaving distinguishable triangle-shaped pizza stamps on paper plates. When a slice is held on its side, grease will travel over it in streams and drip off in flat splotches.

No wonder it’s called Fat Billy’s.

Sure, it tastes good, but knowing just how much grease is about to be ingested is a major turn-off.

There’s nothing exciting about the crust either. It doesn’t stand up to its competitors, like Hungry Howie’s, East of Chicago’s or Pizza Hut’s crust, where they at least sprinkle a bit of parmesan cheese on it.

Overall, Fat Billy’s pizza falls short. If people ate food based only on aesthetics, they’d go hungry at Fat Billy’s.

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