New allocations guidelines discussed

Jackie Valley

The Allocations Committee proposed guidelines in its first ad hoc meeting Friday that would make student organizations more accountable for the allocated money.

The proposed guidelines would require student organizations to coordinate advertising with the Undergraduate Student Senate programming assistant within one week of the program’s approval. After the allocated event, the student organizations would report back to the USS to evaluate the success or failure of the


The goal of the proposed guidelines is to hold student organizations responsible for the use of the money, which will lead to more successful programming, said Sean Groves, business and finance senator.

“The organizations need to be responsible for good and bad programming,” said committee member Christopher Taylor , a representative for the All Campus Programming Board.

If a student organization violates the proposed guidelines, the committee favored allowing USS to decide how to proceed with penalties.

The committee also recommended that when allocating events that cost more than $15,000, the student organizations should co-sponsor with the ACPB.

Governmental Affairs Senator Amy Groya said the co-sponsorship with ACPB will increase attendance at events.

The committee also wants to tighten its policy about the purchase of clothing.

The committee recommended requiring all clothing bought with allocations money to be returned to the sponsoring student organization to be reused at future events.

“The allocations committee should not be buying clothes for Kent State students,”

Groya said.

Carla Smith, committee member representing Black United Students, said she agrees the committee needs to keep tabs on where the money is spent, but said she does not want to prevent organizations from seeking money for legitimate reasons, such as costumes.

“My biggest thing is that if we need to set guidelines, no one is hurt in the process,” she said.

Also, for allocated money spent on conferences to benefit the student body, the committee suggested changing the guidelines to require student organizations to set up tables or other related displays to share information from the attended conferences.

USS will review the proposed guideline changes at its meeting on Wednesday.

The Allocations Committee will meet Feb. 16 to continue the ad hoc process.

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