Cast your vote: Who’s the best Hip-hop artist?

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Credit: Jason Hall

How can the Daily Kent Stater determine the 25 Greatest Hip-Hop and R&B artists of our college generation?

We can’t.

Representing a spec of Kent State, our staff is in no position to argue which Hip-Hop and R&B artists have influenced an entire campus. That’s why we want to hear who has affected the lives of Kent State students from students themselves.

We want you to tell us the musicians that have inspired you – the musicians that elude charisma, power, respect, sex-appeal and personality.

Beyond that, we want to know which artists show measured success with airplay, sales figures, money, cars, mansions, movie deals, shoe deals, clothing lines and advertising spots.

And of course, we want to know which musicians have the most endurance, create the most buzz, sell out the most concerts and still leave fans wanting more.

If it’s not obvious, musicians need to meet a large criteria for to be considered “great.”

But as you rank the following artists to determine the “greatest,” be ready to defend your opinion.

– Dave Yochum