Team Glory Days stifles Team We Got Next

For the second game in a row, Team Glory Days played hard and well throughout the entire game on Thursday night. Although their opponent’s team name was We Got

Next, Team Glory Days spoke of who’s next.

While We Got Next was constantly looking for someone to guard, Eric Hughes of Team Glory Days put in a quiet 25 while shutting down We Got Next’s best player “Chicago.” Although We Got Next played well, Team Glory Days showed its true form in the second half going on a 15-0 run midway though the second half leading to a 50-25 lead.

While continually forcing the ball down the court, and with the inside presence of Mitch Hutchinson and David Wasserman, We Got Next ended up falling to Team Glory Days, 60-29, thus pulling Team Glory Days’ record to 2-0 with an average winning margin of 34.5 points.

Good luck to the rest of the teams the rest of the year.