iPod recharge runs on empty

Kevin Gareau

Students looking for a place to charge their iPods in between classes don’t have to travel far.

The Music Listening Center, located on the second floor of the Student Center, now offers students a chance to charge their iPods for free, said Jon Harper, assistant director of the Student Center.

Laura Fry, employee at the Music Listening Center and junior visual communication design major, said she hasn’t seen much success with the center’s new feature.

“I’ve only seen one person come in and charge their iPod,” she said.

Will Christe, senior marketing and computer information systems major, said he has seen flyers advertising the service but hasn’t used it.

“I usually charge mine overnight, so it doesn’t usually need to be charged during the day,” he said.

Melissa Vogel, sophomore visual communication design major, said she thinks the service is a good idea but won’t use it because she always carries her computer with her on campus.

Junior psychology major Taura Mitchell said she wasn’t aware of the service but doubts she will ever have time to use it.

“During the day, it’s just so quick-paced, it’s hard to stop for even that sometimes,” she said.

Ross Miltner, executive director of the Undergraduate Student Senate, said keeping the center up-to-date is important since it hasn’t been changed since the 1970s.

“I would like to see it become a gadget day care where you could come in, leave your phone or laptop, have it charged, and come back to get it later in the day,” he said.

Harper said the idea of a gadget day care is a good one but isn’t realistic.

“There are so many different kinds of chargers for phones and laptops today,” he said. “New technology is constantly coming out, which would require us to get new chargers.”

But Harper said the center still has a lot to offer.

“We have wireless Internet throughout the room and we’re still continuing our art shows,” he said, adding the center is a quiet place for students to study.

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