Stater column inaccurately portrays I.O.U.

Katie Hale

Yet again, Ben Breier has it all wrong.

His stereotypical and grossly inaccurate assumptions must stop, or at least be countered with some fact, backed up by actual research, something a reporter should know how to do.

While Ben, in yesterday’s column “The perfect USS platform: I’m Greek and it’s my turn,” was accusing me of composing a Greek ticket to get myself elected, he failed to provide the whole truth. If he is considering Elizabeth Eckels of Delta Sigma Pi as a Greek, then Bethany Taylor (who is a fellow brother of Elizabeth and candidate for Undergraduate Student Senate) and my opponent Preston Mitchum should also be lumped into that category for being in Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed honors fraternity. That would leave only two non-Greeks left as candidates running for USS, one of which is myself.

Sorry Ben, but looks like another “Greek” senate is inevitable.

If Ben would put the stereotypes aside, he would learn that the I.O.U. ticket is not just made up of Greeks, but members of the All Campus Programming Board, the USS Allocation Committee, the Financial Management Association, the Student Input Advisory Committee, Orientation instructors, the Student Athletic Advisory Board, a former Daily Kent Stater editor and the list continues.

The Greek community year after year proves themselves fit as candidates for USS through engagement with the university, and for that I applaud them, not condemn them. As a whole, Kent State does not have the luxury of enjoying a lot of student involvement, so how dare anyone criticize those who do step it up to work for their fellow students.

I wonder if Ben remembers last year’s USS election. The headline in the Stater the next day read “‘Student Leader’ ticket sweeps USS elections.” Guess who ran on that “Greek” ticket? Preston Mitchum. If Breier wants to publicly disapprove of the group I am running with, then let it be known both candidates for Executive Director are not new to the ticket process.

If change is what Ben wants, then with the new and fresh ideas I have, change is what I’ll bring. Contrary to what he’ll have you believe, I do have the experience to back it up: broad-based experience drawing from leadership in numerous capacities. I contend that my experience outweighs that of my opponent, and it is quite possible I have more to show from my involvement then he has from the last two years he has been in USS. I would know; I have been administratively serving USS for the past two years.

But this rebuttal isn’t about me. It’s about all the students on this campus that were wrongfully and hurtfully insulted by Mr. Breier’s column. While he is entitled to his opinion, let it be known that the Kent State Greek community is comprised of students dedicated toward service activities. They put on beneficial philanthropies, raise thousands of dollars for Relay for Life each year and yes, serve influential roles on student government.

This ticket came from various student leaders looking to continue and elevate the involvement they have on campus in hopes of Improving Our University (I.O.U.), and Ben calls that acronym the “stupidest” of all time? I am proud of what we stand and fight for, and for what I will accomplish once elected. I was already excited, but now I can’t wait to prove him wrong.

Katie Hale is a candidate for USS executive director and guest columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].