K-Fed mocked self, not fast food workers

Kevin Federline won’t stop trying to be famous, and this time, he really ticked someone off.

In the ad, which ran during Sunday’s Super Bowl, Federline appears in a cheesy rap video about being a pimp and having lots of money. But the video was playing on the TV screen at a fast food restaurant and the screen cuts to Federline singing along and dancing while dressed as an employee at a fast food restaurant. “Federline! Fries!” His boss shouts.

As Federline gets the fries, a voice-over says, “life comes at you fast,” and then begins to talk about Nationwide Insurance.

Last week, the infamous ex-husband of Britney Spears apologized to the fast food industry for his participation in a Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. commercial after criticism by the National Restaurant Association and fast food workers everywhere. Last month the association said that the ad is insulting and demeaning to the “12.8 million Americans who work in the restaurant industry,” the Associated Press reported.

How’s this commercial demeaning toward those who work in the restaurant industry?

It’s obvious after seeing this commercial that there was no malicious or condescending intent from Nationwide. The point of the commercial is that going from having an opportunity of releasing an album to getting french fries for a drive-thru customer is a big let down — thus, life comes at you fast. Furthermore, fast food workers may dream of a better life, but so may people who have six-figure salaries.

The commercial was just funny and makes fun of Federline and no one else.

Federline, actually, said it best in his apology:

“The commercial is completely intended for me, making fun of myself and my own situation,” he told the AP.

And Federline’s situation is kind of funny, as was the commercial. He was dumped by his pop star wife, who is worth millions of dollars, and Federline got nothing but joint custody of their children. His debut rap album failed, and his tour was canceled due to poor ticket sales — all in less than six months. Poor K-Fed. Now he’s been diminished to playing a fast-food worker in an insurance commercial. But at least now he’s making his own money.

The National Restaurant Association, and anyone else who was offended by the commercial is being too sensitive. They need to buck up and see the humor of the commercial for what it is. This is just another example of our society being too concerned with political correctness.

Although he hasn’t been forced to take a job at a fast food restaurant, he’s been offered one. Reuters reported yesterday that Taco Bell invited Federline to work behind the counter at one of its restaurants for an hour.

If Federline takes up Taco Bell on its offer, that would make the Nationwide commercial even funnier. All the guy is trying to do is make a little money, and if it takes making fun of himself in the process, we’re sure he’ll do that.

Don’t criticize Federline for being a part of the commercial. Criticize him for being on TV so much. His marriage is over; he shouldn’t be famous for anything but a failed marriage to Britney Spears and poor debut album sales.

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