Team Whiskey Dix drops AR4

The Whiskey Dix were determined to get a win this past Thursday, and their play was definitely indicative of that.

With starting guard Brian “Econ” Clayson suffering from flu-like symptoms, and Michael “Rainman” Fox missing his free-throw touch, the Dix had to overcome plenty of adversity.

Unfortunately, for AR4, they were in the Dix’ path of fury.

A quick opening basket by Kyle “Littleguy” Virgei got the pace going for the Dix, and they never looked back. AR4 showed resilience and put together a late run in the middle of the second half to bring themselves within nine points, but a couple of shots from beyond the arc, including an airball from Bryan “Bigdude” VanTasse, sealed the deal for the Dix.

The 59-42 win was a big confidence boost for the guys who go into next week looking for their third win of the season.

– Mike Bertram, Whiskey Dix captain