Two hospitalized after Sunday’s stabbings

Kate Bigam

Two individuals were stabbed Sunday afternoon in what appears to be an act of self-defense, said Cpt. Michelle Lee of the Kent Police Department.

According to a news release, dispatchers received a call about an individual needing police assistance at about 12:30 p.m. When police arrived, they discovered a man had been stabbed in the leg, apparently resulting from an altercation at a residence in nearby Lake Street Apartments.

Shortly after the first call, police received a call reporting another stab victim on the 500 block of South Water Street. Police determined the incident to have occurred in the area of the first stabbing, dispatcher Nadine Hawkins said.

“It’s a little confusing because the victims, who we suppose would be the victims, are actually the suspects,” Lee said.

She said the two men went to the apartment to confront the occupant, and a fight occurred.

“As it turns out,” Lee said, “they (the two men), in part, got stabbed.”

The names of the victims have not been released, but Lee said both were taken to an Akron-area hospital where they remain in unknown conditions.

Phone calls to the management office at Lake Street Apartments were not returned.

Investigation into the case is pending, Lee said.

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