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In response to last week’s article “BUS: Police brutality affects all, must stop,” many readers went to to comment on Rick Rucker’s complaint of unjust police force and BUS’ plans for action against it. Rucker, 26, and four others were arrested by Kent police at a party in College Towers on Jan. 7. Rucker said he and others were victims of excessive police force.

Below are some of those comments:


posted 1/19/07 @ 3:36 PM EST

Rucker isn’t even a student at Kent anymore. He was being ignorant — everyone in that apartment was. No one there got anything more than they deserved. If the party were mostly white people in the exact same circumstances, the same thing would have happened.

The world should not have to accommodate stupidity. If you have your music that loud in a seven-floor egg crate apartment building at two in the morning, the police will get called. If you are drunk and stupid, you may just screw up and get arrested.

Take responsibility for your own actions. This was not a racist act. Mr. Rucker is inconsiderate. He has had music playing very loud at all hours of the day.

The racist card only works so many times.


posted 1/19/07 @ 4:02 PM EST

I’ve partied many times at College Towers before long after two in the morning and it was not only loud in the apartment but on the balcony too. I’m not African American and I have NEVER seen the police come to any of the parties I’ve been to. So I do think that it was a racial thing.

Not only that, but I’ve had items stolen from me and I had to do the footwork to find the person who committed the crime myself. Then gave that information to the KPD and they did nothing to find the guy who stole from me, even though they had his picture.

So let’s just say that there are MANY incompetent officers in the KPD. On the other hand, there is one police officer that I know is very competent and capable of doing his job impartially.

I’ve been in this community for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of racial issues swept under the rug, that never should have been. I am also very much aware that there is racism in the college itself.

I think it’s worth listening to. If there are many complaints then something is going on. Wouldn’t you agree?

Shanelle L. Smith

posted 1/20/07 @ 12:41 AM EST

I am sure that this is not a matter of race; this is a matter of KPD’s treatment toward college students in general. Problems with KPD involves every community within Kent State; this is a bipartisan matter that needs to be addressed. Majority of Kent State students do not feel safe, nor do they trust KPD.

This is not that only complaint that has been filed with KPD, we have had a USS Senator and other student leaders harassed by KPD.

Whether the students were being “perfect angels” or not, it is the job and duty of KPD to “protect and serve,” not to harass students who are here in Kent to receive an education.

If you believe BUS and KSU-NAACP duties are to primarily to advocate for Black students only, you are truly mistaken, just because we were first to aide these students does not make it a race matter.

BUS and KSU-NAACP are here to CREATE and SUSTAIN educational environments that affirm identity, build community, and cultivate leadership in a way that supports the learning of ALL students.

Preston D. Mitchum

posted 1/20/07 @ 3:00 PM EST

I think this is quite ridiculous and very sad that the first comment that’s given is an ignorant one.

Different organizations on this campus have distinct jobs and obligations to Kent State University. As Ms. Smith said, part of Black United Students and KSU NAACP obligations is to CREATE and SUSTAIN an educational environment that affirms identity, build community and cultivate leadership. Just because a “Black” organization was the first to call an emergency meeting when we came back from break, does not make it a race issue. Actually, if you were present at the meeting, we repeatedly said that this is not a matter of race, but a matter of the Kent Police Department harassing SEVERAL types of students for actually following the rules. It has never been protocol to attack someone with pepper spray just because you are asking for the badge number. In fact, if you think that you are unjustly treated, then that is your OBLIGATION as a citizen. Just like, BUS and NAACP felt like it was an obligation to help another student when they felt like they were being brutalized and harassed. And to make it worse, someone (“anonymous”) writes an ignorant comment like that. But for some reason, I am not surprised. Nonetheless, when this very situation occurs to you, I can only hope that you have someone to run to for help.

ALL students have the right to feel safe on this campus and down the street. We should not be afraid of the people who are supposed to be providing peace … This has to eventually end, and it starts with ALL STUDENTS! Take care and the best of luck!