Provost search: Students voice their concerns to Chandler

Amadeus Smith

In the second round of student forums for provost candidate, students expressed concerns about poor retention rates, poor graduation rates and a lack of preparation for students entering their professions.

Timothy J. L. Chandler, a candidate for senior vice president of academic affairs and provost, said to help solve the problem with retention, orientation programs need to be spread out and more focused.

“It’s an inoculation,” he said. “You get your first jab – shot – of orientation and then you have four or five years after that.”

Chandler suggested the programs be split between two semesters and not squeezed into one.

He said the university must focus on graduate rates as well, noting the rates are below 50 percent.

What’s more, Shanelle Smith, Kent State NAACP president, said students may be underprepared when entering the professional world after graduation.

“The university has made a push to increase capstones and internships to close the doors to the academic career and open doors to the professional career,” Chandler said.

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