Letter to the editor

Music snobs appreciate art form

Dear Editor,

I wanted to let you know how absolutely amused I was by Sarah Baldwin’s column, “Defining and defying the college snobs,” in Monday’s Stater.

My favorite category of Baldwin’s defined snobs was the music snob (especially the “indie music snob). What I can’t seem to understand is her obvious and complete uneducated music knowledge. I certainly wouldn’t label myself as a hugely “indie” enthusiast, but I can be certain Baldwin wouldn’t exactly find my tastes to be mainstream; yet, I know for a fact that most indie bands aren’t willing to turn themselves over to the major record labels – and believe me, they receive many contract offers from these guys. Most of these bands don’t want to sign with these labels because they don’t want to be told what to play, how to play it, or where to play it. They enjoy the freedom of independent record labels.

Many indie bands do eventually wind up at major labels because enough people appreciate their music that a bigger label would allow them this same freedom. The band isn’t in it for the money, but who wouldn’t appreciate an easier lifestyle and the capability to really get your art out there.

Oh, and the reason they don’t get played over and over on Top 40 radio is because their record companies can’t afford the millions of dollars in payolas the big guys pay to get their artists played. The Top 40 industry has very little to do with what the public could possibly prefer if they had the chance to hear everything that was really offered.

Music snobs are nothing more than people who appreciate art in a different form than you may. So just silently appreciate the fact that we all have different passions and sometimes get a little egotistical.

Sarah Steimer

Freshman journalism major