Delta Chi fraternity raising money for cancer foundation

Ryan Wilkinson

For the first time since 2001, regional chapters of the Delta Chi fraternity met at Kent State University for a weekend-long leadership conference focusing on different aspects of successful fraternity life, chapter management and even important lifelong skills for after graduation.

These yearly conferences bring together group members from across numerous states including Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Kentucky. Brothers from Ontario, Canada, also make up this sector.

“We contact alumni from the fraternity and ask them to speak about the things they know best,” said Donny Sobnosky, Conference Coordination and a member of the Kent State Delta Chi fraternity. “We had sessions focusing on recruiting tips for the fraternity but also on things like managing your personal finances once you graduate.”

Steve Bossart, International President of the Delta Chi fraternity and 1990 Kent State graduate, was also present at this weekend’s conference.

“You often hear the negative things associated with fraternities, said Bossart, “But this weekend was a great example at Kent State of the positive. Everyone at the conference was here to develop themselves as leaders within their chapters and within their own lives.”

Bossart also facilitated several of the conference’s training sessions, including a discussion of the new recipient of Delta Chi’s philanthropy dollars, The V Foundation.

According to Bossart, The V Foundation is named for Jim Valvano, former head basketball coach of North Carolina State who died in 1993 of cancer.

“Delta Chi has raised $20,000 for The V Foundation and we hope to meet our goal of raising $100,000 by our next international convention in 2008,” Bossart said.

Members of the Kent State chapter of Delta Chi sold blue ribbons for $2 during the conference to help raise additional funds for The V Foundation.

Next year’s Delta Chi Regional Leadership Conference was decided by vote to be held at Bowling Green State University.

Pat Dehnart, a Delta Chi brother from Bowling Green, said he thought the weekend conference at Kent State was worthwhile.

“It was a great chance for the whole region to come together,” he said. “I feel like I can be a better brother after coming to the conference.”

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