Local gas prices drop to almost $2 a gallon

Trevor Ivan

The price for a gallon of gas has dropped to about the $2 mark at many gas stations in and around Kent.

Bevi Powell, the director of commuication for the American Automobile Association’s East Central Division, said several factors have caused the drop in prices. She said the most influential factor is the price of a barrel of oil, which has dropped from $78 last summer to around $50 currently. This has caused a drop in gas prices across the nation.

Customers filling up their tanks at local gas stations around Kent today have been pleased with the recent drop in prices.

Some prices at local stations today include:

•$2.15 at Citgo on Water Street

•$2.05 at BP on Main Street

•$1.99 at Clark on Water Street

•$1.99 at Rich on Main Street

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