Provost candidate gets meager turnout from students

Amadeus Smith

Credit: DKS Editors

Only two students and one dean attended the undergraduate and graduate student forums for Robert G. Frank, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost candidate.

Preston Mitchum, junior political science major, was the only student who showed up to the undergraduate conference.

Mitchum, undergraduate student senator for academic affairs, discussed student concerns with the new plus/minus grading system.

“It’s just kind of bad for the ‘A student,'” Mitchum said. “When I get an A it’s usually a 91, not a 99.”

But Frank said he agreed with faculty on the issue.

“You do have to differentiate between the 91 student and the 98 student. It’s a way to recognize the higher performer,” Frank said.

The provost candidate also discussed financial issues with graduate student Suky Medina-Day, information services chair for the Graduate Student Senate.

“I did see he showed an interest in Kent State and what we (graduate students) thought,” she said.

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