Mexican dance comes to campus

David Yochum

Dancer Karley Ramirez does a traditional Mexican folk dance that utilizes a skirt made out of enough fabric to make multiple dresses. SALSA held the event in the second floor of the Student Center. DAVID ANTHONY RANUCCI | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: John Proppe

There is enough material in her skirt to make six dresses.

“Everyone say a little prayer for her — she’s going to need it,” said Elaina Hernandez, El Corazon de Mexico director.

For five minutes, students watched a red whirlwind tap the hardwood floor, Mexican music navigating her every move.

Karley Ramirez, El Corazon de Mexico dancer of eight years, looked completely comfortable shaking, turning and stomping.

But students did not.

Outfitted in dresses, lime anklets and feathered hats, the Toledo-based folk group El Corazon de Mexico came to the Student Center last night. Sponsored by SALSA, the group performed dances from different states in Mexico, then instructed students how to do the footwork themselves.

Forming a circle with Hernandez, students appeared unsure of their dancing talents at first.

“One, two, three, hit,” Hernandez said, checking for reactions.

Nervous laughter.

“Jump two, three, four,” she continued. “I taught this to fourth graders.”

Hernandez said the point of the Aztec dance that students were practicing was to create energy.

Thirty minutes later, students looked pretty energetic, shifting left to right and tossing clothes to the side of the room.

“It’s fun,” said Katie Talbott, senior visual communication design major, stopping for a glass of water. “The dance wasn’t hard at all; it’s just stamina.”

SALSA president Rodrigo Uribe stumbled a few times before catching on to the dances.

“I’m not too good of a dancer to begin with,” he said.

Uribe also said he was happy with the smaller turnout for the events, pointing out that a big group would have been difficult to work with.

SALSA’s next event will be a Pre-Finals Fiesta Dec. 8 in the Rathskellar.

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