Local students use slingshots on Kent State cars, bus stops

Steve Bushong

A second man was charged yesterday for his involvement in a string of vandalism at Kent State Nov. 9.

Christopher M. Bralek, 18, of Akron, was charged with two counts of criminal damaging.

He and his friend, Adam M. Esterak, 18, also of Akron, used a wrist rocket to damage three car windows at the Allerton Apartments parking lot and three panes of glass at various bus-stop shelters on campus, Detective Carl Sweigert said.

Police determined the damage to be $1,366.

Esterak was charged Friday with a single count of criminal damaging for his involvement. He immediately went to court and pleaded guilty. He was ordered to spend 90 days in jail and pay a $750 fine and half the restitution. His jail sentence and $650 dollars of the fine were suspended.

Similar penalties are likely to be imposed on Bralek, Sweigert said.

The two men, both University of Akron students, were with friends from Kent State when the vandalism occurred.

Sweigert said a groundsworker saw the men shooting objects with a slingshot from a window in their car.

Police were given a description of the vehicle, which was quickly spotted, and the two men were apprehended.

Police found beer, a wrist rocket and a package of pellets in the car. The pellets matched those found at the crime scenes.

A wrist rocket is different from a slingshot in that it has a stabilizer that attaches to the forearm, giving users more power, Sweigert said.

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