Academic complaint form gets an update

Kali Price

Preston Mitchum, undergraduate student senator for academic affairs, said he thinks a lot of students will be disputing grades this semester.

One reason why Mitchum updated the academic complaint form is for students to protest unfair grades.

“They needed to be a little bit more updated,” Mitchum said.

Mitchum said he has worked with Dean of Students Greg Jarvie to update the forms.

“The form was just to help students, and what things can and can’t be argued,” he said.

Mitchum said in order to dispute a grade, students should first see their professor, then see their college’s dean or adviser. He said if nothing changes, students can then fill out a complaint form and see Jarvie.

Jarvie would then go see the professor personally to try and solve the problem, Mitchum said.

“Sometimes it can take a few days or few weeks or a whole semester,” he said.

Mitchum said a lot of students try to protest a grade but don’t consider participation or attendance points.

“That’s something we try to stress,” he said.

The forms are available in the College of Arts and Science office, as well as the USS office on the first floor of the Student Center.

Mitchum recommends that when disputing a grade, students come prepared with old tests and quizzes.

“If you see all else failing, just follow up with Dean Jarvie,” Mitchum said. “It’s a lot of steps, but it’s better than getting a bad grade.”

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