Industrial band moves into its next ‘era’

Ally Melling

Local industrial band Margin of Error will play in Akron’s Crossroads Concert Club Saturday.

Credit: John Proppe

Not since the early days of Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre has talent such as the band Margin of Error struck the face of industrial music with promise.

Even if such a bold statement is only opinion, the Margin of Error member known only as Void would say the inference is a key element to the band.

“Perception is a big part of Margin of Error,” Void said. “Perception is different from person to person. How we perceive our music and songs is different from how fans perceive it. The fan reaction, evoking thought, helps us progress. It’s important. If you’re ignored, you’re a failure.”

Natives of Belleview, Void, 20, and band mate Travis T., 21, have been collaborating musically for four years. The pair experimented with various software for drumbeats and blended that with vocals and sampling. The end result became Margin of Error’s harsh, signature combination of synthesizer, guitar and voice.

With a sound most easily described as electronic-based metal, Margin of Error released six tracks on its Head Reconnect single in 2005. Its fast-paced, hard-edged ambiance and free verse, conceptual lyrics have been throttling alternative heartstrings via live shows throughout northern Ohio.

Since then, Margin of Error material has remained fresh and unique.

“It would get boring to make the same song over and over again,” Void said. “We usually don’t set out to distinguish each of our songs; it just kind of happens. Industrial music has the biggest spectrum. You can do anything you want with it, even experiment, and still not kill your fanbase. There are a lot of great bands out there. We challenge ourselves, and to put our art out there is a challenge. Originality remains the most important thing.”

With more than 100 written songs in mind, Margin of Error is now preparing to move into a new era within its music.

“Head Reconnect was more of an intro to the bigger idea we’re evolving into,” Void said. “What’s coming next is the most artistic and well-rounded thing we’ve ever done. We’re exploring what art is and how dangerous it can be. It’ll be a very visual era, an onslaught of media. Margin of Error has an ongoing theme of working in threes with art, visuals and music.”

“There will be a lot of statements in the next era,” Travis T. said. “One idea is that our views will be rejected by the people who first supported us, and the views will become so big, they will rejects us. It’s the transformation of art into human reaction. You work with what’s given to you, and it will eventually repeat and be rejected. You always set out to create something bigger than yourself, and eventually your piece has to destroy you.”

“It will be a different show than normal with new visuals,” Travis T. said. “It will be the first and last night we’ll be playing the Head Reconnect album in its entirety. It will also be the Head Reconnect finale and the end of imagery-based things that reflect that era of our music.”

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