College Dems elect new executive board members

College Democrats picked its new executive board for the remainder of the academic year last night.

The group had to replace the president and treasurer spots but ended up also choosing a new vice president, political director, communications director and secretary. All nominations for each position were unopposed.

Current Vice President Donovan Hill became the group’s new president.

“It’s been a very exciting and very productive year for the College Dems,” he said. “Ohio turned blue, and we took the House and Senate … I look forward to carrying the tradition that’s been handed down.”

Current political director Alexis Mundis filled the vice president spot, as current communications director Theresa Bruskin became the new political director. Current secretary Virginia Cole is the group’s new treasurer.

Brittany Moseley became the group’s new secretary. Christopher Taylor was chosen as the new communications director. Neither had previously held an office.

Kali Price