Dark and dancy duo comes to the Agora

Gabe Gott

Every so often an artist comes along that makes music for the music’s sake. She Wants Revenge is one such group.

“The goal for us is just to continue to make music that turns us on,” said Adam “12” Bravin, “and that was pretty much the goal from the start. You know, we didn’t know what we were doing, we were just making music that we liked and then all of this happened.”

Bravin and Justin Warfield, the other half of the duo, signed to Flawless/Geffen Records, and She Wants Revenge’s self-titled album was released on Jan. 31 earlier this year.

Since then, the band has toured all around the world, and has played sold out shows at the Troubadour and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

“It was nice to headline the Greek, which is kind of a dream, being two guys that grew up in the San Fernando Valley and grew up going to shows at the Greek,” Bravin said. “So to walk out on the stage after Placebo and, you know, to see all those people and to get the amount of love that we got from them .. It was overwhelming and surreal … it was really bizarre, like we were just wandering around backstage before we went, just kind of … looking at each other, like ‘Can you believe this is happening?'”

She Wants Revenge, whose electronic rock music can be compared to Joy Division and Depeche Mode, has been touring constantly since the release of its first album, and the band members have not had many opportunities to start on the next one.

“We have a few, kind of skeletons of new songs, but we really have been on the road non-stop,” Bravin said. “And it’s rather difficult spending what very little free time we have trying to be creative in a hotel room or in a dressing room.”

For the next album, Bravin and Warfield plan on sticking with the same sound, which Bravin describes as “dark and dancy.”

“We’re going to continue where we left off, but we’ve grown as people over the last couple of (years),” Bravin said. “We’re definitely not going in a new direction, we’re going to continue what we love to do, and … like I said, we’ve grown, so the music will change a little bit because we have changed.”

Bravin and Warfield, who have known each other since their teenage years, are both in their 30’s and have hip-hop credentials, but don’t expect the duo to ever make a She Wants Revenge hip-hop album. You can expect them, however, to produce hip-hop music for others.

“There’s hip-hop in our music already … both of our first instruments were turntables and drum machines, and we’re both hip-hop heads,” Bravin said. “If you slow every beat down, they are all hip-hop beats —- only faster — and if somebody was well versed in hip-hop they could even figure out that the way that Justin delivers his vocals comes from somebody who was an emcee at one point in their life.”

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