We heart the world

Although we sometimes forget it, the Thanksgiving holiday is actually about more than just a long weekend and gorging ourselves on turkey and mashed potatoes. Yes, this pilgrims-and-Indians holiday is also about reflecting on the things in our lives that make us happy and keep us going. Therefore, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Daily Kent Stater editorial board has compiled a list of things of which we are thankful.

We couldn’t live without puppies, Killian’s Irish Red, walks in the park, Cheez-Its, orange juice, sleep, mitten-gloves, popcorn, Tuesday night TV programming, hookah bars and cherry-vanilla hookah, Hungry Howie’s, Borders, coloring books, student discounts, meaningful song lyrics, an abundance of parks to visit in Northeast Ohio, pumpkin pie, Starbucks/grande peppermint mochas, best friends (even though we rarely see them) and inside jokes.

We’re thankful for black squirrels, being of legal drinking age, the word “cornucopia,” bright orange shoes, Michael Jackson being out of the country, “Family Guy,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Heroes,” Pez dispensers, pinatas, Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix and themed parties.

We appreciate co-workers and Daily Kent Stater colleagues who keep us laughing even when we’re stressed, being on good terms with exes, big families (especially ones scattered throughout the country so we can visit them), phone calls from family, parents who let us do our own thing, C-Lot parking passes, family members who help pay the rent and having only 10 issues of the Stater to go this semester.

We love half-price rentals at Family Video, Dairy Queen Blizzards, combo No. 10 at every authentic Mexican restaurant in the area, cheesecake, shiny MacBooks, Chipotle chips & salsa, the entire Wendy’s 99 cent super value menu, The Economist and WIRED magazines, iPods/digital cameras/the iPod socks that keep iPods and digital cameras scratch-free, Blue Moon Belgian white ale, “House” and “The Office,” the start of basketball season, 24-hour Sheetz and Target’s GO International clothing line.

We’re grateful for The Associated Press, Ohio State beating Michigan, Democrats controlling Congress, graduating in less than a month, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, making a quick buck on eBay, Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation, Gmail (because it saved us from Flashmail) and the newly improved Kent State football team.

We’re big fans of random roadtrips, moving to Franklin Hall, Usher, beeswax chapstick and medicated lip balm, Fender guitars, neighbors who can’t party anymore because of noise violations, cheesy potatoes, cheap finds at Gabriel Brothers, scholarships that help keep debt to a minimum, salami and peanut butter sandwiches, Arby’s 5 for $5.95, wolves and living vicariously through TV drama.

But mostly, we’re thankful for a five-day break. See you on Monday.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board, except for “salami and peanut butter sandwiches,” for which only managing editor Seth Roy is thankful.