Catholic sex discussion goes beyond ‘don’t do it’

The Catholic message on pre-marital sex is “Don’t do it,” but most college students can’t relate to that, said Nick Hosmer, pastoral associate for Campus Ministry.

Tonight students have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss sex at the Catholic Student Association fireside chat titled “Catholicism and Sexuality.”

“There is a whole world of distance between what the church teaches and the experience of college students,” Hosmer said. “Generally students don’t relate with what the church teaches and when students hear the church’s version of pre-marital sex they phase out. We are giving students an opportunity to reflect of on their own life experiences and sexuality. We will talk about friendships, relationships, and intimacy because they’re all connected.”

Hosmer said students will lead the discussion and he will participate. He said the goal of the discussion is to encourage students to make healthier and holistic decisions about sex and relationships.

“We all have an opportunity to and responsibility to grow in a healthy and adult understanding of sexuality,” he said.

Hosmer said although homosexuality is not on the agenda as a topic for discussion, he said he imagines it will come up.

“The discussion is open to all KSU students regardless of sexual orientation or gender,” he said.

“Catholicism and Sexuality” is tonight at 7 p.m. in the fireside lounge of the Kent Newman Center.

— April Samuelson