Campus Dems excited to watch efforts ‘pay off’

Kali Price

“It’s a good day for Democrats,” College Democrats President Kelly Stellrecht said in a phone interview as she watched Rep. Sherrod Brown speak about his win on TV.

Stellrecht was only able to express her excitement at the results of the Ohio senate and governor races.

“It’s really exciting to be working hard as a Democrat for so long and for it to pay off,” she said.

Stellrecht said Strickland’s and Brown’s campaign promises were key in their victories.

“I think voters just wanted a change, and the message of hope that Strickland and Brown gave just made people feel hope again,” she said.

Amy Groya, Undergraduate Student Senate senator for governmental affairs, said she felt other issues — such as education — became more important to voters.

Groya added that she felt students had a major impact on the election.

“I think a lot of students went out and voted,” she said. “I do think that the way that students voted is the way the election went.”

Stellrecht said she thinks Strickland and Brown will bring a change to Ohio.

“I think that Governor Strickland will bring his agenda, and Sen. Brown will bring a lot to Ohio,” she said.

Stephen Ontko, vice president of College Republicans, said although the Democrats won both the Senate and governor races in Ohio, the Republicans may still have a hold on the nation.

“This isn’t some sort of landslide victory for the Democrats,” Ontko said. “The Republican policies are still popular.”

Regardless of political affiliation, Stellrecht said she was happy with the voter turnout.

“I’m glad that students came out to vote because our voice was heard,” she said.

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