Advice from seniors

For freshmen, finals week can seem a little daunting. The stress, the caffeine overdoses and the messy handwritten notes are overwhelming for any average student.

To help prepare for the end of the semester, seniors Mary Norris and Marie Payden offered a few words of wisdom.

“Well, it’s an extremely stressful time,” Norris said. “If you can, you should always try studying in advance; however, no one ever does that.”

Norris, a theatre major, advised concentrating on a specific exam to avoid anxiety.

“The way I get through them easily is to just focus on one at a time,” she said. “People get stressed out because they think of everything they have to do instead of just taking it step by step.”

Payden, an interpersonal communications major, suggested eating a good meal beforehand and creating new ways to remember important material.

“I try to make games out of the terms,” she said. “I can memorize them easier and faster.”

Norris cautioned against pulling an all-nighter.

“Staying up the whole night doesn’t work,” she said. “I tried that and basically fell asleep in my test — Not such a great idea.”

Jinae West