Kent State students say pick-up lines usually fail to impress the ladies

Nedda Pourahmady

Carly Weaver was not impressed when she heard a guy ask her: “Is your last name Campbell’s? Because you’re mmmmm good!”

Weaver, sophomore nursing major, said it was the worst pick-up line she had ever received.

She said some of the most common lines she’s heard are asking someone out to lunch or complimenting a girl’s appearance.

“Getting a pick-up line is always a compliment, but depending on the guy’s age, it could be awkward,” she said. “Sometimes you don’t know how to react to it.”

Terri Cosgriff, a 37-year-old bartender at Slam Jams in Solon, said she’s heard lines like, “you look familiar, where do I know you from,” the most.

“I think they’re cheesy,” she said. “The worst one I’ve ever heard was, ‘It’s nice to meet my new girlfriend!'”

Cosgriff said she doesn’t really think pick-up lines work.

“If you’re looking for someone, maybe — but I don’t think they are effective overall,” she said. “I think that guys are just chicken, and the lines take the focus off of them.”

At the bar, she said most girls fall for the “you look familiar” and “can I buy you a drink” type of lines.

“The guys are just using these lines to cover their insecurities,” she said. “Girls who are desperate will fall for them anyway.”

Weaver said she thinks the lines can be effective.

“I think a girl can tell when a guy isn’t trying too hard,” she said. “Just the general compliment makes me feel good.”

Additionally, Weaver said pick-up lines are a way to catch a girl’s attention if a guy is too timid to approach her.

“If I were a guy, I’d be nervous just to go up to a girl randomly,” she said. “So I give them credit for trying.”

The most effective lines, Weaver said, are the ones that make a girl feel special or pretty — not like an object or prize.

Junior finance major David Allen said he’s heard friends use such lines as: “If I could re-arrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together,” or “My love for you is like diarrhea — I can’t hold it in!”

However, Allen said he wouldn’t use pick-up lines himself.

“If guys want to get to know a girl in general, there’s so many easier ways to break the ice,” he said. “If they don’t have enough confidence to talk to a girl, they hide behind the line.”

Allen said girls tend to fall for the funny pick-up lines.

“I always thought that if you can make a girl laugh, then you can also have a conversation with her,” he said.

Brian Pelsozy, senior business management major, said he also doesn’t use pick-up lines but has small talk with girls.

“I like to think of myself above some tacky, clich‚ saying or line,” he said. “And if I did use a line, it would probably be on a bet or as a joke.”

Depending upon the girl, he said pick-up lines can have different impacts.

“I’m sure there are some girls out there that stuff works on, but I think most girls can see them a mile away,” he said. “More or less they’ve heard it all before, and you’re nothing special.”

Allen said he thinks guys who use pick-up lines should stop because they can do a lot better.

Weaver agreed that guys shouldn’t overdo it.

“Don’t try too hard,” she said. “With a basic conversation, if a girl’s interested, she is. If not, it’s not meant to work out.”

Despite the impact pick-up lines may have, Cosgriff said guys should always be themselves around girls.

“Try saying something a little more interesting and use a little more brain power,” she said. “Say something that’s not so transparent.”

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