Speech to cover government control of information

Paul Haridakis, associate professor of communication studies, will present his research on governmental control of information in a speech from 1 to 3 p.m. tomorrow in Room 143 of Lowry Hall.

The speech, titled “Government Controls on Citizen and Media Access to Information in 21st Century America,” is a part of the College of Communication and Information Distinguished Scholar Series. It will cover First Amendment concerns in regard to closed military trials, closed deportation hearings, court rulings on post-Sept. 11 Freedom of Information Act cases, the use of speech zones that restrict where speakers can express themselves and the executive branch’s use of legal privileges to keep information private.

Haridakis said the speech zone portion of the presentation will have a focus on the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

He will also give historical evidence to support that the first amendment protects our rights to access government information and provide evidence of the lack of support for the fact that citizens have this right, he said.

“During times of crisis the need for information is greater, not less,” Haridakis said. “The extent of our right to express ourselves and to get information directly affects our ability to engage in effective debate and civic participation.”

— Kristen Russo