mewithoutYou not without enthusiasm for tour

Madelyn Otcasek

Mike Weiss, guitarist of mewithoutYou, is thrilled about touring for the band’s new album, Brother, Sister.

“It’s exciting to unleash new songs on whoever cares, to expose them to new music,” he said.

Weiss is particularly proud of the album, released in September. “We had several songs we were writing, and they were awesome,” he said. “We made a decision to give them something that wasn’t on old albums.”

He also said “Some songs evoke joy . on ‘C Minor’ (there is) a joyful sound with horns, and nice tones with harps on ‘Brownish Spider.'” He noted that the guest musicians added a different flavor as well, such as Jeremy Enigk, formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate, and their close friend Kim Timbre, who played harp on the album

“There’s a welcoming vibe to it,” Weiss said. “More down to earth.”

He described their music as a whole as “thinking person’s rock music.”

“It’s an intense and deep musical approach, and deeper questions in the lyrics,” he said. “The guitars are loud and energetic.”

He names some of his influences as Pink Floyd, Fugazi and Interpol. He wouldn’t say they have the same sound as them, but could be close, “musically mixed together.”

Weiss and his brother Aaron, lead singer, grew up in Philadelpia. After their first band fell apart, they formed mewithoutYou with hometown friends Christopher Kleinberg, guitarist, Greg Jehanian, bassist, and Richard Mazzotta, drummer, and were discovered at the Cornerstone Festival in 2002 by Tooth and Nail Records.

The record label is mostly known for signing Christian rock artists, but mewithoutYou tends to shy away from the Christian stereotype/label.

“We delved far into the Christian market, but we changed to the secular market,” Weiss said.

Weiss said the band is not bitter about people labeling them as a Christian music because it’s where the band got their start, but prefers to stay away from being categorized as it.

“Don’t call us a Christian band . Christianity is just a big part of our everyday life,” he said.

The spiritual side of the band has helped the members put together better music.

“Aaron is spiritual, and it’s very normal for the songwriter . the best art comes from the core, and no one’s going to tell him not to say anything.” Weiss said.

He loves seeing audience reaction to new material live.

“When you work real hard on a record, you hope it’s received well, it’s a question if people are gonna like it . we’re looking for the positive.” He said.

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Playing with Say Anything, Forgive Durden and Piebald

Where? The Beachland Ballroom

When? 6 p.m. Friday

How much? $15.00