Group bringing traditional Mexican dance to campus

El Corazon de Mexico.

Not just the heart of Mexico, but a Toledo-area group that will perform and teach students traditional Mexican dances tonight at 7 p.m. in Room 204 of the Student Center. Sponsored by SALSA, El Corazon de Mexico will also explain the history behind its dances, such as which parts of Mexico the dances come from.

Rodrigo Uribe, SALSA president, said the dances will be nothing like hip-hop, but guesses El Corazon de Mexico will teach dance moves that are on the simple side.

“It’s for all different experience levels,” Uribe said. “Some are more complex than others – it really depends on the dance and the area it comes from.”

Sticking with a celebratory dance theme, SALSA is also planning to host a “pre-finals fiesta” Dec. 8 in the Rathskeller. Uribe said the fiesta will have music, decorations and possibly a DJ.

“Our dances have been pretty popular in the past,” he said.

— David Yochum