KSU hopes new fraud policy will provide greater protection

Jackie Mantey

A month-old policy hasn’t seen much action so far, but it is one the university hopes will provide its community a greater extension of protection — fraud and fiscal abuse protection, that is.

The Administrative Policy for Reporting and Investigating Fraud and Fiscal Abuse was started because it was the best practice regarding the reporting and investigation of fraud and financial abuse, said David Creamer, senior vice president for administration.

The university’s external auditors recommended the new administrative policy as the best practice to meet expectations included in the Audit Committee charter. The policy provides greater protection for those reporting suspected actions and has a more effective strategy in following up on the investigations, he said.

The policy was implemented Nov. 1, and Creamer said so far, so good.

“There have been no reports yet,” he said. “It’s our goal to get quality reports.”

Creamer said the policy was established for members of the university community to report actual or suspected fraud or fiscal abuse.

The university defines fraud as “an intentional or deliberate act depriving the university or an individual of something of value or gaining an unfair personal benefit by using deception, false suggestions, suppression of truth or other unfair means which are believed and relied upon.”

Fiscal abuse is an unallowable practice that causes a loss for the institution’s assets.

As a part of the new policy, a Kent State Reporting Line has been established. The line, (800) 683-5621, protects caller anonymity and is available to all employees 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Those employees who report unlawful activity are protected from retaliation — including removal or suspension from employment and reduction in pay or position.

Creamer said the new policy does not allow reporting of academic matters. Those reports should go to the dean of the college involved. Nonacademic conduct matters should be reported to the Office of Student Ombuds.

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