Tenacious D rock in new film

Ally Melling

The self-proclaimed “greatest band ever” has finally made it to the big screen.

Nacho Libre star Jack Black is back with partner Kyle Gass to form the musical alliance known as Tenacious D, this time rocking your socks off in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny.

Black displayed talent that transcended media when he and Gass released Tenacious D’s self-titled debut in 2001. The band’s comedic and melodic rock ‘n’ roll style soon procured a widespread popularity among listeners of various ages.

Like the HBO special episodes featured on their DVD Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks, The Pick of Destiny is a fictional, but funny account of the band’s formation. In this film, Black and Gass discover the existence of a supernatural guitar pick that has the power to turn them into instant Eddie Van Halens. The dubious duo venture out to steal the pick in their quest to be rock-gods and pay their rent, but not before encountering a mysterious, if somewhat handicapped, stranger (Tim Robbins of Mystic River) who desires the pick for himself.

Lovers of movies such as Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Anchorman will appreciate the air of intentional ridiculousness that accompanies the Tenacious D persona from album to film. The film’s opening features Black and stifling father in an obsenity-riddled musical number. In a later scene, Black mistakenly eats many wild mushrooms and winds up flying through a Technicolor world with the Sasquatch.

Despite its clever juggling act between absurdity and smarts, Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny has an obvious potential to be funnier at times. The film’s ending is very abrupt and leaves the audience wanting more.

Tenacious D In: The Pick of Destiny

Starring Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Meat Loaf, Dave Grohl

Directed by Liam Lynch

Distributed by New Line Cinema

Stater rating (out of five): ????

Either way, Black and Gass put forth the signature intensity that defines the D with Black especially giving the 100 percent effort. It’s easy to see the love of rock ‘n’ roll that inspires these two, and the film is a kind of homage to the artists who shaped their lives.

The Pick of Destiny also rocks with a little help from Meat Loaf as Black’s religious, anti-rock father. Rock legend Ronnie James Dio makes a cameo as himself, and Black and Gass face off against Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl as Satan, armed only with their guitars.

While it’s certain Tenacious D fans will have the most fun throughout the movie, that’s not to say the film is not great for newcomers.

When watching Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny, just keep one thing in mind: This isn’t the greatest movie in the world. No, this is just a tribute.

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