Dems bring needed change

Christopher Taylor

The Democrats, unlike the Republicans, have a plan that speaks to the majority of Americans — not just those with check books big enough to win favors from their leaders.

Today we have a chance to elect a Congress that will, without a doubt, be more accountable to the people.

Members of Congress must not steal elections (like Katherine Harris in Florida), take bribes (like Bob Ney), sexually harass 15-year-old pages (like Mark Foley) or just be named Tom Delay.

There are several glaring benefits of a Democrat-controlled Congress. And this time it isn’t about what the Republicans have done wrong.

So, Bush had his Social Security plan booed by Democrats at the 2006 State of the Union address, has completely thrown education to the side by underfunding “No Child Left Behind” and now has many people asking the simple question, “What else could possibly go wrong with the Republicans?” Please, do not underestimate them. They let North Korea make a nuclear bomb and banned gay marriage because it was that important to stop Adam and Steve instead of Kim Jong Il. Wrong priorities, without a doubt, and I blame the conservatives.

Furthermore, the Republican Congress gets a big F when it comes to agenda pushing. Not only has it failed normal Americans but it has also failed their most important base: Conservatives. The 2000 agenda for conservatives consisted of several social topics of importance including the usual: Stopping all abortions, allowing only Christian prayer in schools, banning gay marriage, banning stem cell research and stopping more abortions. Snore, literally. Mr. Bush and the Republicans’ record: Abortion legal, still no prayer in public schools and marriage equality and stem cells are becoming more popular. I truly doubt that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are too excited.

That Republican agenda will prove today to be a big loser among the American people. And finally, we’ll have a Congress that wants to address issues of importance to everyday people — you and me.

A Democratic Congress will bring us that new direction. Unfortunately, in the past, the Democrats have ran on the basis that the Republicans are off base and don’t care about Americans. This year, they are running on issues including bringing the troops home so we don’t keep losing them. They’re talking about conservation and ways to spur an economy without cutting jobs. They’re talking about more than just the threat of terrorism, but keeping America safe so we don’t have to live in fear.

Given two years, the Democrat-controlled Congress will propose a comprehensive plan for withdrawing from the war in Iraq and bringing our troops home, an idea that is supported by many Americans but has been thwarted by the George Party. They will continue to stress the importance of making health care, higher education and retirement more affordable for the middle class, according to the American Dream Initiative proposed by Sen. Hillary Clinton. They will halt the culture of corruption that has stricken the current legislature. Democrats will attempt to address the effects of harmful pollution on our environment and continue to offer energy alternatives that focus on new forms of energy.

Thus far, all the Republicans have offered us higher gas prices.

Christopher Taylor is a senior nursing major and point/counterpoint columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].