M.A.C. Center features new main scoreboard, video screens

A new scoreboard was installed in the M.A.C. Center to replace the main scoreboard that broke at the beginning of last season.

It cost $550,000 and was completely paid for by corporate sponsorship, said Laing Kennedy, Director of Athletics. No athletic department or university money was used to pay for it.

“I think students will be very impressed,” Kennedy said.

The new scoreboard will feature corner boards with video screens.

Daktronics, the company that made the scoreboard, was Kent State’s first choice because it is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of scoreboards, Kennedy said.

He added the scoreboard is similar to those found at other major colleges.

“It is a nice improvement for our grand facility,” Kennedy said.

He also said regular maintenance was done on the hardwood floor during the summer.

— Nate Stuart