New sub restaraunt rules fast food ‘king’dom

Dave Bolger

Arrive hungry to King Subs and you will get more than you bargained for.

King Subs, located at 1665 E. Main St., offers an impressive array of sandwiches in two sizes: 7-1/2 inch “queen” size or 15 inch “king” size. All sandwiches are perfectly toasted and one can purchase any of the “king” size sandwiches for less than $7.

I enjoyed a “queen” sized roast beef sandwich and a 20 ounce fountain beverage for only $4.69. Compared to Quizno’s at The Hub, the price for it would probably be near $8. At King Subs they have fast service from friendly employees and my order was made quickly and accurately.

Customers will have much more than sandwiches to choose from. King Subs also showcases salads, soups, chicken wings, corn dogs, onion rings, french fries, freshly baked cookies and “pizza logs,” an egg roll with pizza filling.

There is a wide selection of bottled soft drinks including Starbucks’ Frappacino, Red Bull and Gatorade. At the end of the line, right near the cash register, the customer will find a wide array of popular candy and mints for sale. The restaurant is similar to Quizno’s, only King Subs has a larger, more diverse menu and lower prices.

Inside, customers will find colorful artwork on the walls featuring a mural of bakers, ovens, flour and vegetables. The dining area is spacious and a booth runs along the perimeter of the wall. The aroma is of fresh vegetables and bread, and the atmosphere is very warm and enjoyable. The store itself was also very clean.

In the dining area, patrons can watch their favorite television programs on the small plasma TV set in the front of the store.

In addition to all this value and great service, King Subs also offers daily coupons and a catering service.

The only problem with this delicious and cost-efficient restaurant is location. King Subs is located just across the street from Arby’s and just next door to the popular Evergreen Buffet. In addition to the score of fast-food places on Main Street, one would also pass a Rockne’s on the way to King Subs and a Ponderosa is located just a few feet down the road. Without more aggressive advertising, King Sub’s may just get lost in the shuffle of restaurants that have already made a name for themselves. Hopefully, this will not be the case.

King Subs is the perfect place to go for lunch or dinner whether you’re in a hurry or looking to sit down and enjoy yourself. The food is affordable and there are so many choices, you’ll probably spend more time reading the menu than anything else.

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King Subs

Where? 1665 E. Main St.

Phone number: 330-677-5400

Stater rating (out of five): ????