Letters to the Editor

Abortion images paint gruesome but true picture

Dear Editor:

“Blatant, obscene, ridiculous” – words that came to the minds of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board in response to Tuesday’s anti-abortion activist planes and billboard buses. The images were most definitely blatant and obscene – or, as Merriam-Webster Online defines the terms, “offensive, and disgusting to the senses.” That being said, ridiculous is the one thing the images were not. Contrary to the arguments of the editorial board, no one was forced to “stare at an aborted fetus while stuck in traffic trying to get to class.” Nor is it true that “those who saw the plane or the buses had no choice but to look at it.”

That being said, the images were indeed repulsive and disgusting and, as a result, deeply bothered those who chose to examine them. And, there’s a reason they prompted such a response – they came as an unwelcome, sobering reminder that the issue of abortion involves more than just the rights of a woman – thereby completely debunking the notion that, in the words of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board, “.the right to an abortion is just that – a right.”

No, editorial board; no, pro-choice agenda, it’s not “just” a right. It’s the death of an unborn child.

Eric Marler

Piano performance graduate student