Letters to the editor

‘Ghost riding’ is foolish, dangerous for bystanders”

Dear Editor:

Riding rollercoasters. Bungee jumping. Sky diving. What these things have in common with “ghost riding” is that their participants are looking for an adrenaline rush. What makes them different from “ghost riding” is that the only lives at risk are those belonging to the participants.

It’s beyond me why anyone with half a brain would think that jumping on top of a moving driver-less vehicle is a good idea. If your own safety isn’t enough to deter you from doing this idiotic stunt, think about the safety of other people who could become innocent victims. If even that isn’t enough to deter you, think about how you would explain it to your insurance company if you ran into something.

I have seen a video of a “ghost rider” hitting the pavement when his truck slammed into a telephone pole. Anyone who drives knows how quickly you need to act when unpredictable things happen. If you’re on top of the car, there’s nothing you can do.

Guys, I think you should take a lesson from the ladies on this one. The fact that few women participate in “ghost riding” is evidence for the argument that women are smarter, or at least have more common sense, than men. If you really feel the need to ride on top of your car, for all of our sakes, at least have one of your buddies behind the wheel.

Ann Redford

Junior conflict management major