Kent alumnus spotlights local comedy at BarCode

Zach Wilson

Chad Zumock, a Kent State alumnus, performs on comedy night at the Barcode downtown. The Barcode opened at the beginning of the semester and offers stand-up comedy every Wednesday night. ELIZABETH MYERS | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Jason Hall

Chad Zumock is back home, and is bringing Los Angeles with him.

Zumock, a comedian and Kent State alumnus, moved back to the Kent area after living out west over the last few years.

“I lived out in L.A. doing my own comedy show,” Zumock said. “But I decided to come home for a while.”

While here, Zumock decided to bring all of the thrills and excitement of the Los Angeles comedy scene to Kent State, and he’s moved in on Barcode to make his dream a reality.

“I loved it out there, so I thought, ‘Why not have that at Kent State?’ They used to do comedy nights at the Robin Hood back when I went to school here, so why not now?” Zumock said.

“I really want to give the locals a chance to get on stage and create some laughs,” he said. “I want kids on campus to have something different to do when they go out and have fun at the same time.”

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Michael Myers, sophomore computer science major. “It’s cool to see national comedians in Kent, and I really enjoy stand-up comedy. It takes a lot to get on stage and make a fool of yourself for a laugh.”

Myers also sees it as a great chance for local and regional comedians to make a name for themselves.

“There wasn’t really anything like this in Kent, and there needed to be. It gives the locals a chance to get on stage and show people what they’ve got,” he said. Myers said performing with national acts can also get a comedian’s name out there.

“It’s a lot like if a local band went up to Cleveland, or even here in Kent, and opened for a nationally known band.

It’s exposure,” he said.

Zumock said the event is still in its infancy, but is already succeeding.

“It’s only been through its second week, but we’ve already had touring road comics stop by as well as regional comics,” he said. Zumock and his partner Ryan Dalton have even performed during the events.

“The crowds have been great so far and ladies get in free, so guys should come down too,” Zumock joked.

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Chad Zumock

Where: BarCode

When: Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.

How Much: $5, $3, for 21 and over, Ladies -free