New Web site helps election preparations

Kali Price

Democrats, Republicans and other groups in Ohio have their own ways of letting voters know about the upcoming election, but according to Chris Green, sophomore computer science major, there isn’t one Web site that compiles all of the information about the candidates and issues.

“A bunch of other people are doing other things,” Green said. “No one’s doing Web sites, so I thought it would be interesting to help out the cause.”

To help promote voting and to inform voters, Green created the Web site Green said the site provides information about Ohio candidates and issues in the upcoming election. The site was launched this morning.

“I thought it would be a cool thing to do,” he said. “I’m glad I’m on schedule still.”

Green said he came up with idea for the site last week and worked for about 30 hours to put it together. The site is made up of information about Ohio candidates, upcoming events, how to contribute to campaigns, how to register or apply for an absentee ballot and links to candidates’ Web sites and Ohio voter information.

Candidate information pages include information such as the candidate’s plans about what he or she wants to do in office and links to other Web sites about the candidates.

Pages about election issues have information about what the issue is and a copy of the actual issue. More information about each issue and candidate will be posted within the next two weeks, Green said.

Green said he did all of the work for the site by himself but has invited members of College Democrats and College Republicans to write about their views and submit them to the site.

“I want to give both sides an equal shot,” he said. “I want to promote all sides of the story.”

Green said he plans to promote the site by passing out fliers about registering to vote and going to the site to learn about the issues.

But the main purpose for creating the site is to help voters form their own opinions about the issues and candidates, Green said. He added that voters tend to listen to others’ opinions, rumors or propaganda.

“I collected all of the information so everyone can form their own opinion,” he said. “I wanted to provide raw information and get as much provable stuff as I can.”

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