Parks and Rec requests renewal levy

City residents will vote on a 1.52-mill Kent Parks and Recreation renewal levy Tuesday.

If passed, the levy will generate approximately $500,000 each year. It combines and replaces the department’s oldest voter-approved funding, two issues passed in 1982.

“It is not an increase in taxes,” said John Idone, director of Kent Parks and Recreation. The annual cost to the owner of a $100,000 home will remain less than $1 per week.

For the first time, Kent Parks and Recreation is asking voters for a continuing levy. Continuing levies never expire and provide a guaranteed yearly income unless repealed by voters.

“Before ’05, the state statute limited recreation levies to five years,” Idone said. “They changed the state code to allow recreation levies to be like school levies.”

In July, city council approved, 7-1, sending the levy to voters.

If the levy does not pass, Parks and Recreation will lose 33 percent of its budget.

Leslie Schelat