Accident victim still in serious condition

Steve Bushong

Police investigation remains open after Halloween incident

Kent Police continue to investigate an incident that left a Parma man in serious condition early Sunday morning, Chief James Peach said.

Dana Lim, 25, remained in serious condition at Akron City Hospital yesterday night after being run over by a flatbed tow truck.

Witnesses at the scene say someone standing in front of the Delta Upsilon house, 202 S. Lincoln St., pushed Lim into the side of the tow truck. He then fell and was run over by the truck’s back tires.


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A police report lists the incident under investigation as a felonious assault.

Peach said when police arrived on the scene, people inside the Delta Upsilon house were being uncooperative with their investigative efforts. Police were forced to obtain a search warrant in order to take statements from people inside the house, he said.

Until a search warrant was issued, police surrounded the house and prevented those inside from leaving.

Numerous calls to Delta Upsilon President Robert Lewis went unanswered.

Dave Maguire, executive director of Delta Upsilon Fraternity International, said it was too soon to comment, as the investigation was ongoing. However, he said the fraternity remains in good standing.

Freshman anthropology major Jessica Boykin was inside the Delta Upsilon house after the accident and while police, awaiting a warrant, had the residence surrounded.

She said she wasn’t aware of an accident outside and that some people inside the fraternity’s house thought they were being investigated for an alcohol violation. Boykin said she tried to leave, but police would not let her.

Lim was in Kent to enjoy the night’s Halloween festivities, his friend Jake Wathey said.

Wathey, 20, of Parma, said he and Lim were at the Delta Upsilon house with friends who knew members of the fraternity. Wathey said Lim was attempting to break up a fight that had started inside the house and moved outdoors when he was pushed into the tow truck.

Wathey said Lim, although in serious condition, is “doing better than expected.” He would not specify the type and extent of Lim’s injuries, per Lim’s family’s request.

Lim’s family declined to comment.

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