Internship opportunities help students build resumes, prepare for future careers

Ted Hamilton

Hobson Hamilton Jr., assistant director of corporate and community relations at the Career Services Center, assists sophomore biology major Jameela Mason with resume advice. DAVID ANTHONY RANUCCI | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Steve Schirra

Doing internships while in college can help build students’ resumes and give them experiences that will benefit them after college, said Ami Hollis, associate director of the Career Services Center.

“(Students) can improve verbal and written communication skills,” she said. “They can learn what the culture is like in the work field; what it’s like to show up on time and do things like use e-mails to communicate.”

Hollis also said there are other benefits such as “solidifying a career path” and “increasing marketability and value to potential employers.”

“They definitely acquire work experience,” she said.

Diaz McDaniel, senior technology major, said the work experience was the best part of his internship at Kent Displays.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to build my resume and gain experience in the industry,” he said.

McDaniel said during his internship he got hands-on experience using a laser to cut out liquid crystal displays.

The College of Technology does not require an internship for McDaniel’s major, but he decided to do one anyway.

“I saw flyers about it,” McDaniels said. “Then a professor told the class about it, and that is when I decided to contact the company and send them my resume.”

Every college offers a chance at work experience, Hollis said.

Where students take their internships determines what they get out of it.

Danielle Hupp, senior public relations major, said she did not think she had as good of an experience as she could have had.

“I went home to do it, and I don’t think I gained the experience I needed because it was a small-town environment,” she said. “I feel it didn’t give me a rewarding experience. You should choose a place that will help you, not just to satisfy credits for graduation.”

Hupp got her internship because her mom worked there, but Kent State can help students get internships if they would like one.

“Our Web site has 10-plus steps,” Hollis said. “The best way, I think, is to use Flash Forward.”

Flash Forward is a Web site students can use to apply for different jobs and internships, she said.

“Most of the internships are regional and local,” she said.

It is best not to rush into an interview for an internship though. It is better to make sure you are prepared for it by researching the company for questions, she said.

“You need to prepare for the interview and practice,” Hollis said. “Be prepared to answer any questions they have and ask them questions about themselves.”

After the interview, it is best to send a thank-you note as soon as possible.

“You need to send (the note) soon because it takes a few days just for the mail to reach them,” she said.

Hollis said there is no limit to the number of internships students can take, but they would have to speak to their professors about getting credit for every one.

“They can participate in as many internships as they want if they want several positions for their r‚sum‚,” she said.

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