Letters to the editor

Marijuana’s a great issue to motivate students

Dear Editor:

Thank you, Daily Kent Stater, for spreading the word about marijuana laws! If you thought this topic arouses more students in more demographics than any other single political issue, then you thought right.

My friends and I have been establishing a new student organization on our campus, a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Soon it will be one of the most popular organizations on this campus.

We did little work to make it as big as it already is. Basically, a few signs saying “Legalize Weed!” with a pot leaf and information about our first meeting were posted. The result of such little work? Twenty-five people showed. The week after? We doubled in size!

Hopefully you realize that having 50 people in a student organization after two weeks is completely unheard of and entirely miraculous. The students involved in this political organization aren’t exactly the kind of students one would expect to be leading a lobbying effort. The result will be more student voters and that helps all of us.

In conclusion here, I want to encourage the students at your university to start their own NORML chapter. All they must do is put a few fliers up, and before they know it, they will have started the biggest student organization on your campus. Want to be famous?

Students, because you are reading this letter right now, it shows that you are politically active. And if you are, then you probably realize that the majority of the students around you don’t vote. Make no mistake about it: Students who don’t vote are putting that student loan debt on your shoulders because of their laziness. But how do you motivate them?

Tap into the issues that get students excited: legalization of marijuana, gay marriage and funding for higher education to name a few. Our new group is an excellent testimonial to the power of issues like this.

Now please go be famous. Print your fliers now. Get the bowl rolling.

Matt Clark

Bowling Green, Ohio