Site gains popularity

Kali Price

Undergraduate Student Senate Executive Director Ross Miltner said he hopes when Kent State students wake up in the morning, “they check their Facebook, their FlashLine and What2DoAtKSU.”

The USS-sponsored Web site,, was launched at the beginning of the semester and has already undergone changes.

Miltner said he worked with USS graphic designer Matt Stevens to add artwork to the page’s banner. Also new to the site is the “This Week’s Highlights” section.

“We go through every day of the week and pick one or two events that are worth showcasing (for the highlights),” Miltner said.

Miltner also said icons for event types are in the works as well.

“We’d have like a football helmet for athletic events or a gavel for student organizations,” he said. “We’re always trying to make it more user-friendly and more interactive.”

The site began as an interactive calendar where users could search through dates to see what on- and off-campus events are posted for a specific day. Users can then click on the event title to see more details about the event. Users can also comment anonymously on events before or after.

Since its launch, USS has also spent time promoting the site.

“Just in the last week, we put out a letter to every student organization,” Miltner said. “We’re more than happy to put their events up. We sent out folders to all of the orientation classes.”

Miltner said his ultimate goal for the site is to have it linked on the main page or on FlashLine.

Miltner said according to the latest numbers, the Web site receives about 100 hits per day.

“I’d like it to boost our attendance at the events,” he said. “If we could double our attendance at all of the events, it would be huge.”

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