All we are saying is give KSU a chance

For too many college freshmen, the first few weekends at school can be traumatic.

There are two different groups: the ones who got arrested the first Saturday of the semester and the ones whose dads picked them up in the minivan and took them home.

While we are not encouraging anyone to spend a weekend binge drinking, we are hoping that they might decide to stick around the dorms and give college life a try. We’re wrapping up the sixth week of the fall semester, and we hope those traumatic weekends will also be over for freshmen and upperclassmen alike.

College is the start of a new life, so why not have some new friends to get through it with you? Whether students go home because they miss their family or need to do some laundry, they are often missing out on the social opportunities that help shape the college experience.

College is way too short to spend all of your time back home with friends from high school who didn’t go to college or opted for a regional campus. As college students, don’t force yourself back into the same old situation of drinking beer in your mom’s basement, convinced that it is a good time. It’s simply not. Remember, this isn’t high school anymore.

There is one main lesson to be learned: There are other people who live in the residence halls. And guess what; They need friends too. By going home every weekend, new students are just cutting themselves off from the social situation that is college. Yes, it is awkward at times, but what isn’t?

These are some of the best times to meet new people. There’s nothing like a rainy Saturday cooped up in First Year Experience to force people together, and those are the things you’ll remember later. Invite others to watch movies, ask them to make the trek over to the Student Center for a bagel and complain to them about a crazy professor. These are the people you have to live with. You’ll see them in your classes and walking around campus. Talk to them. Acknowledge that they exist.

On-campus life does not offer a whole lot of possibilities for weekend plans; however, there are opportunities to escape boredom. For instance, didn’t know that Kent has a movie theater? Just another reason why you should stick around on the weekends. People would be surprised at what they could find to do around here if they would just take the time. There are lots of good places to eat, too, and who doesn’t like food?

This little rant isn’t for freshmen only. It’s worse when you see upperclassmen hopping in that car every weekend to go home.

We understand the desire to see family and friends, but it’s as if you’re cutting yourself short by constantly seeking a ride home. At least give the Kent State weekends a try.

So if you’re thinking about going home this weekend, think again. Instead, just try it out and stay here. Prop open your door, turn on some music and dance around like an idiot. Trust us, people will talk to you.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the editorial board of the Daily Kent Stater.