Jacob Aguinaga


Director of Business and Finance candidate for USG.

Director of Business and Finance Candidate 

Q: What is your platform? 

A: “I have three main things as Director of Business and Finance that I want to focus on, the first one being inclusivity. Laith Tabbaa is the current director of Business and Finance and he’s done a good job to make people more aware of the allocations committee and the funding that you can recieve, but I still want to make sure that everyone knows because a lot of student orgs still don’t know. Over the past few weeks, I’ve reached out to different student organizations to see how aware they were about the allocations committee and how much funding they can receive and there’s still some work to be done. The second thing that I’m going to be focusing on is transparency. It’s another thing that we work on now. Right now, I’m the treasurer for my fraternity. As you know, you pay this fee and when it comes to managing people’s money, I feel like I would want to know where my money is going and what it’s being spent on. Last thing that I want to focus on is opportunity, I want to make sure everyone has the same chance to reach these funds and go to these conferences to benefit themselves or their organizations.”

Q: What should people vote for you? 

A: “Right now I’m on the allocations committee, I work with Laith Tabbaa and through working with him and others on the committee, I’ve seen how the process works. I’ve been able to look at the budget. That gives a bit of insight on how the position works. Like I said, I’m treasurer of my fraternity and currently I manage a 200,000 organization where I focus on inclusivity, transparency and opportunity. Because even with a fraternity, we might not fit the same sort of budget but it’s still important that everyone gets the chance to use it and that we use it in the most transparent way because it is other people’s money. I study finance as well, my main focus for being a Kent State is finance.” 

Q: What changes are you looking to enact? 

A: “Making sure that every organization at Kent State is aware of the funding that they can receive. Kent State is known for having a lot of participation within their student organizations and it’s unfortunate that not every single person knows about these wonderful opportunities that they can take advantage of. Also, these minority voices that haven’t been heard as much in the past are gonna be heard this year. As someone who sits through some of these hearings and getting to see who comes in and who doesn’t, I’d really like to see a wider base of people coming and take advantage of these opportunities.”