Knock, knock

Kali Price

Officials go door-to-door to discuss responsible partying

Dean of Students Greg Jarvie (back left) and Justin Jeffery, Undergraduate Student Senate senator for community affairs, talk to senior psychology major Joey Beth Smith (front left) and Carly Whalen, senior special education major, about being safe while

Credit: John Proppe

Lawns on College Avenue are littered with hundreds of cigarette butts.

The street and sidewalks are lined with broken beer bottles.

Katie Ramunni, sophomore communication studies major, lives on College Avenue and said the street was cleaner yesterday, but it looks worse on the weekend.

Ramunni spoke with Dean of Students Greg Jarvie and Justin Jeffery, Undergraduate Student Senate senator for community affairs, yesterday afternoon about arrests and other problems on her street.

As part of community outreach for the University Task Force, Jarvie and Jeffery went door-to-door on College Avenue yesterday afternoon. They spoke with off-campus students about partying responsibly, dealing with neighbors and handling situations with the law.

“We remind folks of being good citizens and good neighbors,” Jarvie said. “We don’t want to see anyone get in trouble.”

Jarvie and Jeffery passed out pamphlets about students’ responsibilities when hosting a party and penalties and consequences students may face. They also handed out fliers about Student Legal Services and wallet-sized cards about what students can do if they are arrested.

Jarvie and Jeffery have done similar work on University Drive. Jeffery said they plan to walk down Sherman Street soon. Jarvie said the walks have been happening for about six years, and this is the second semester that Jeffery has been involved.

“I think it’s a great thing that they’re trying to do,” Ramunni said.

Jarvie and Jeffery also asked for feedback from residents about what they have seen on the street.

Amber Webb, senior special education major, said police cruisers sit at the corner of College Avenue and Willow Street by her house during the weekend.

Webb’s friend, sophomore exploratory major Jamie Piero, said the police “come out on foot now.”

“The police kind of take advantage of people not being aware of their rights,” Webb said. “Sometimes, they take it a little over the edge.”

Ramunni also said there were nights at the beginning of the semester when she and her roommates sat on the front porch and watched the police arresting people.

“They were on us like flies on sh-t,” she said.

Most students who Jarvie and Jeffery spoke to voiced their concerns about vandalism, thefts and arrests, but they did mention that these activities have died down.

“It’s important for us to find that balance between the city and the university,” Jarvie said.

Jarvie and Jeffery both said they felt students were very receptive to the program.

“It shows students that we do care and we, as senators, are aware,” Jeffery said. “We’re giving them the information to be equipped in these situations.”

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