New tattoo parlor applying the ink in Kent

Alicia Boulton

Hooligan Ink Tattoo in Kent didn’t just change the sign on the building, it is a whole new tattoo parlor.

After five years of business Hooligan closed its doors, leaving a vacant building for Defiance Tattoos, which opened in August.

Only three of the employees made the change over from the former company, two of which are now the co-owners of Defiance Tattoos: Rob Bohn and Steve May.

The almost overnight closure of Hooligans tattoo parlor put the owners of Defiance in a position of high pressure. What they were going through with the sudden loss of their jobs and the push to do something about the situation gave way to the name of their tattoo parlor.

“It could have worked out terrible, but we lucked out,” Bohn said.

But customers need not worry; these guys didn’t rush into this business blindly. Co-owner and piercer of Defiance, Bohn, has been in the business of piercing for seven years.

Defiance Tattoos is a welcoming friendly environment, and the employees are not pushy.

“We’re a little different than other tattoo shops,” Bohn said. “We’re more laid back.”

There is no specific style of tattoos that Defiance does. Tattoos are $40 and up, depending on the size and coloring. Larger tattoos are often paid for by the hour. Piercings are $40 and under. Nothing is done to numb the skin for tattoos or piercings so customers sensitive to pain have been warned.

“Maybe it’s not for you if you can’t sit through it,” Bohn said. “I mean, it’s forever.”

Walk-ins and appointments are both accepted.

At the moment Defiance Tattoos has started out on a steady foot. Bohn said they’ve been busy.

“It’s the perfect time of year,” Bohn said. “All the students are here.”

Rob also noted that Defiance isn’t planning on going anywhere.

“As long as we can stay busy, we’re happy.” he said.

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Defiance Tattoos

163 E. Main St.

Phone: (330)677-2322

Hours: Noon-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, Noon-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday